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Integrated File and Pay

Integrated File and Pay Flyer Handout

It’s as simple as 1–2–3:
  • Complete the tax return.
  • Confirm the balance due and authorize the payment (IFP screen).
  • Transmit the return.

Once the return is accepted, the payment is processed and confirmation is sent to the email address provided by the taxpayer.

If the return is rejected, the hold on the funds is released and the payment is not made. Authorization must be initiated again on the IFP screen before e-filing the return again, or the taxpayer must choose another payment method. See the Drake Tax User’s Manual or the IFP screen help for more details.

Simple – Convenient – Secure


  • Peace of mind:
    • The balance due payment is made before the deadline.
      (1040 payment deadline is April 17, 2018; visit www.IRS.gov for additional deadlines.)
    • Payment confirmation is emailed to the taxpayer once the e-filed return is accepted.
    • Payment status is available on www.integratedfileandpay.com/status.
  • Speed and convenience:
    • It takes less than three minutes to process the card authorization, from start to finish.
    • There is no need to mail a check or payment voucher to the IRS.

How do I know it is secure?

  • Extensive audits and testing were performed to secure the IRS contract.
  • Only withdrawals authorized by the taxpayer are made; no other funds can legally be withdrawn.
  • The taxpayer receives electronic confirmation when the card transaction is authorized.
  • The tax payment is listed on the taxpayer’s bank statement as proof of payment.
  • Bank account information is safeguarded, along with other tax return information.
Payment methods:
Credit cards image
(Standard card processing convenience rates apply)

How do I learn more?

  • Customer Handout  – Download and provide to your customers who chose the Integrated File and Pay option.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • IFP screen in Drake Tax data entry
  • Drake Tax User’s Manual, “Electronic Payment Options” section of Chapter 5, “Return Preparation”
  • Customer service related to the card authorization and payment transaction process through Value Payment Systems: (888) 877-0450
  • Customer service related to the IFP screen and functionality within Drake Tax: (828) 524-8020 or epay@drakesoftware.com