Pay Taxes with Credit Card page

Drake E-Payment Center

How does it work?

  • On the E-Payment Center website, the user is guided through a quick, easy-to-follow tax-payment process.
  • The taxpayer receives payment confirmation on a receipt page. Subsequent confirmation is provided by email (similar to an online retail transaction made by a credit or debit card).

What are the benefits?

  • It’s quick, easy and convenient! When the payment deadline is close, the taxpayer will have the peace of mind of knowing the payment has been made on time.
  • Many tax payment options are available (see full list of federal and state payment options)
  • With an online payment, the taxpayer quickly receives payment confirmation.
  • There is no need to mail a check or payment voucher to the IRS.
  • Taxpayers can earn reward points associated with their tax payments (requires credit card or debit card with rewards program).
  • Taxpayers can set up recurring payments for installment agreements.
  • Taxpayers can set up automatic email reminders for upcoming estimated tax payments.
  • State tax payment options are also available, with more to come!

Download and provide to your customers who are interested in this payment option:

E-Pay Card Handout
E-Pay Flyer Handout

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which credit cards are supported?
A: Credit cards image
Standard card processing convenience rates apply, details are available on www.1040paytax.com.

Q: Which debit card processors are supported?
A:  Processors image
Standard card processing convenience rates apply, details are available on www.1040paytax.com.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about using the E-Payment Center?
A: Contact Value Payment Systems Support at 888-877-0450.

Q: Can my customer make the payment on the E-Payment Center website, or do I need to do it?
A: Either you or your customer can visit the E- Payment Center website to make the payment; feel free to provide your customer the website address.

Q: Are there any incentives available to me for promoting and using the site to make payments?
A: There are currently no incentives or revenue-sharing options for preparers. The site is an add-on service provided to Drake customers at no charge. Preparers receive these benefits:

  • Preparers are not directed to a generic payment website, but to a service that Drake has provided in partnership with VPS.
  • The payment process is integrated more seamlessly into Drake Tax.
  • Preparers can offer and promote low convenience rates to customers.

Q: Is the E-Payment Center a Drake website or a VPS website?
A: VPS hosts, maintains, and supports the E-Payment website and the entire transaction process. VPS has participated in extensive testing to secure the IRS contract and ensure Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

Q: Who can I contact with further questions?
A: Email epay@drakesoftware.com with any other questions you have.