Client Communications

Learn the basics of Drake Tax with these short instructional videos.

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Enter an invoice number manually on each return, or turn on automatic invoice numbering, which allows unique invoice numbers to be printed on your clients’ bills. [CC]
In this video, we will look at how to set up Drake Tax to generate the fee based on prices you set for each form in Pricing Setup. [CC]
See how to indicate when appointments have been confirmed, to assist with scheduling, [CC]
Set daily schedules for the entire office, set preparer appointments, and easily import and export appointments from other calendars. [CC]
To make it easier to identify appointment types at a glance, define custom labels and colors for appointments. [CC]
Edit and customize software-generated client communications, including tax return result letters. [CC]
Include customized paragraphs within software-generated customer letters. [CC]
Use an electronic signature pad to collect a client’s signature on an engagement letter, indicating that the client has seen and agrees to the terms.
Form 9325, Acknowledgment and General Information for Taxpayers Who File Returns Electronically. [CC]
If you have a one-off label maker, you can conveniently print mailing and folder labels from within a client’s return. [CC]
When mailing out pre-season organizers or a birthday card to clients, Printing mailing labels from Drake software is simple.
Learn how to customize Drake tax return result letters and filing instructions. [CC]
Learn how to customize the organizer by editing the checklist or creating a custom questionnaire page. [CC]
Preseason Client Organizers help your clients prepare for their tax appointments, and save you time when preparing their returns. [CC]
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